Giving Up · 23 October 2012

My wife thinks I will eventually give up eating almost vegan. It is not her hope, but rather her observation of what I have given up before.

I have been trying to be healthy for a long time. However, most of my efforts have gone into trying to lose weight. To that end, I have tried different diets like The Zone and Atkins and several others. Each of the different diets had me give up certain food items like carbohydrates. But I could never stick with anything for very long because what each of the diets really had me giving up was calories.

When people diet to lose weight, they really only need to remember that they need to take in less calories than they expend. Regardless of what type of eating system we choose. That was why I could never stick with any of the different diets I tried before. While giving up carbohydrates seemed like the thing to do, I found that what I really wanted was not the specific food but the calories. The same was true with giving up any other type of food. So naturally, I always went back to eating like I did before.

My wife thinks the same thing will happen with giving up meat and dairy. According to her, I will eventually go back to eating them because I feel something is missing in my diet.

I have not chosen to eat almost vegan because of compassion toward animals so going back to eating meat is definitely an option. However, I do not see it happening for a variety of reasons. I have lots of energy (unless I go on a sugar binge). I can think clearly for long periods of time. My memory is better than it used to be. But the main reason I do not plan to go back is because I am not hungry.

There is more to this whole eating plan than I originally thought, but mostly give up meat and dairy has been a good thing for me. Mainly because I am not hungry. Which is why I do not plan to give up on eating almost vegan.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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