Friends and Supporters · 7 September 2012

Day 11: September 6, 2012

True friends come in two types – for most people, the types are: those who motivate you positively and those who motivate you negatively. My two types of friends come in the flavors: those who see and act on the neon “Pick on me” sign on my forehead and those who like to join in when the picking starts. (That is not quite true either, but it sounds good that way.) Consequently, it was an unexpected bonus when a couple friends at work stuck up for me and my new way of eating.

My friends at work are true friends, but a couple of them really try to hide it. Two in particular like to tease me mercilessly about whatever silly thing I have said or done. The first day of school, there were sugary treats set out in the staff room so those two decided I was neglecting my duties as resident taste tester and HGD. To remedy this situation, one passed cake down to the other, who slid it under my nose on the way to his plate. I did not bite. Literally or figuratively. It was the classic teasing I have come to expect from not just those two, but most of my friends. Like I said, I have that neon sign on my forehead.

While this teasing was occurring, a couple other friends and supporters came to my rescue. Chelsea and Andie applauded my efforts to eat healthy and avoid the sweets. They said how proud of me they are for doing something counter culture, but good for me. (Or something like that.) I did not really need these two valiant women to stand up to the bullies for me (for which I am sure to receive grief), but it was great. It was nice to know that they had my back.

Of course, my other two friends have my back too. They just like to keep me humble and down to earth. And I appreciate that too.

I do not actually have two kinds of friends. I just have friends who show their support of what I do in oh so different ways.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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