No Meat for a Week · 8 September 2012

Day 12: September 7, 2012

I have not had any meat since last weekend. I have not had dairy since before that. And I have not missed either. I have not even had cravings for those sweet treats that are readily available and would always creep into my diet. I know that it is still early in my foray into a low or even no meat world, but somehow it seems to be sticking. Though I am not sure why.

Yesterday, I was chatting about this with my friend, Mike, when I remembered what I had said about my brother and his family’s meat fasts. They could go a few days without any meat, but would have cravings for a big juicy steak after about a week. I figured I have not had those cravings because I have been weaning myself from meat for almost a month now.

The same phenomenon seems to have happened for the sweet stuff. I did not have any of the doughnuts that were here this week and I only had my cookie dough ball and half a chocolate chip cookie when Thing 3 made them. I have not had those old cravings for sweet stuff for a while now. It is odd. Somehow, my old taste buds have been replaced by new ones. Now, they would rather have fruits for sweets than sugary treats.

Change can be daunting when we first begin. I was not sure what to expect from eating less meat and more whole plant-based foods. I was definitely not thinking I would go meatless. Now, I am not so sure. (I know I keep saying this, but I cannot help it.) The nice thing about eating this way is that I can still eat plenty of food and be satisfied after a meal rather than left wanting more.

Like I have said before, I will probably still not go totally meatless (there is some fish in the refrigerator that I am sure help eat), but I cannot rule it out. For even though it has only been about a week without so much as a taste, I do not miss it.

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