My Formerly Aching Back · 25 September 2012

I hurt myself a long time ago and was diagnosed with a herniated disk. It was painful, but the biggest problem I had was lying down for long periods of time. I found myself with a physical alarm clock that would wake me up after less than six hours in bed. I have not had many opportunities to test it, but I think my newfound shoes (and new weight) are helping to relieve my back problem.

It seems counterintuitive that having no support in your shoes would allow you to stand for longer periods of time, but it seems to be the case. I stand most of the day when I am teaching. My new supportless shoes seem to make it easier to roam around the classroom than it used to be. At least my back has noticed it. Rather, my back has not noticed it. I slept for more than six hours without waking up due to my back the other night and probably several other nights. I did not realize until then that my back pain was greatly reduced compared to what it used to be. I am still a bit sore after too many hours in bed, but even the soreness that I do feel is less than it was.

The result is probably really a combination of my shoes and losing some weight. I have not been extremely heavy, but losing a few pounds off my belly has surely helped my posture and the strain on my back. But my feet have been happy with no support and whenever I have had to wear something with heels or support, I feel it in my knees and back. The jury needs to still be out, but preliminary findings are that my shoes (and losing some weight) have helped my back hurt less.

I might still have a herniated disk (as they are not supposed to just go away), but I am thankful my shoes are not part of the problem anymore.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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