Evangelizing · 26 September 2012

I have been evangelizing about shoes. Or more correctly about not wearing shoes or getting as close to that ideal as possible.

I suppose it is appropriate that I have been evangelizing about barefoot shoe choices at our church. There we are excited about telling others about having personal relationships with God. So evangelizing about shoe choices is appropriate both because of what evangelism is and because of the subject matter.

At its heart, evangelism is just telling people what we are excited about. What we are invested in. What we are sold on. I am convinced that a barefoot lifestyle is the way to treat our feet and the rest of our body. It is the way we were made to be. For me, that means my feet, back, and knees are being treated well when my feet are bare or as close to bare as I can manage in our society. I have been so convinced and excited about it that not only am I blogging about it everyday, I am telling people about it in person.

While I am not going up to strangers to tell them my new revelations, I am telling people I know about my newfound lifestyle and how it might help them. And that is where the subject matter of evangelism is the same too.

If you have been reading my stuff for very long, you know that I reference God fairly often. I cannot help it. I am excited about Him. Now I am excited and convinced that He made our feet to walk and run without the encumbrances of shoes. Those magnificent creations at the end of our legs were given to us by a wonderful Creator who engineered them with precision and love.

I am not a professional preacher or evangelist for shoes or God, but like everybody else, I love to tell people what I am excited about. Right now, I am excited to let them know that God created their feet to be naked. Or as close as possible.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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