Another Missing Thing · 28 September 2012

The other day I wrote about some missing pains, but I have also had another missing something. It could be called mood swings but that is not quite right. I guess I have been missing the irritability that comes with no food.

I used to be quite irritable when I did not have enough food in my belly. At supper, my wife would often tell me that I could not talk to anybody until I ate some food. I was always irritated by that remark too, since for many years I was not convinced it was my lack of food causing my frustration. As a matter of fact, I did not even see my behavior as out of whack. I just thought everybody was annoying at supper. Then, after I had some food in my belly I realized it really was me who was annoying and out of whack.

That irritability was apparently caused by low blood sugar. I needed food to stabilize my brain function as well as my blood sugar, which of course go hand in hand. Somehow, eating almost vegan tends to stabilize blood sugar and keep me more on an even keel. Even when I am hungry, I am not as irritable as I used to get. I do not want to rip off people’s heads just because they said some silly remarks or put their elbows on the table.

There is some science here that I have not yet taken the time to study, but I know that eating almost vegan has saved my children from those decapitating remarks I used to make. It is still early in the game, but I am sure they do not miss my bad moods.

I know I said something was missing, but I am not really missing being irritable when I am hungry.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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