A Great Support System · 29 September 2012

When you tell people you are eating vegan (or close), people look at you funny. Or at least that is the perception that I used to have. Now I realize that some people just do not know how deal with differences of any kind. Others are truly intrigued, but are taken aback by the news. Thankfully, I am surrounded by people who care about their health and about me. I have a great support system.

People talk about support groups for ailments and diets and lots of different things, but I did not realize mine was so extensive. Of course, my family supports me in all I do including my different eating. My wife has been especially supportive, sometimes making more than one meal. One for our breaditarian, one for our carnivore, and one for me. But beyond my immediate family and blood relations, I figured I was on my own.

I should have known better.

Actually, I did know better. Our lunch crew at school is very supportive of each other. We like to kid and tease in a good-natured way. (It seems like I get more than my share, but I do not mind the attention.) We have shared soups and other food from each others’ kitchens. We have even talked about different ways of eating and the nutritional benefits of different foods and diets. So when I quietly shared that I was going almost vegan, I should have realized my friends and coworkers would support me.

This realization hit home the other day as one of my biggest fans and good friend Mike brought me some vegan spaghetti. He reads my stuff right when it comes out. Mostly, because he wants to have fresh ammunition to tease me in fresh new ways. So when he put the spaghetti out in front of me, I was a bit suspicious. I should have known better. He always has my back. The vegan spaghetti was delicious and everybody ought to try spaghetti squash in place of pasta sometimes.

I know that not everybody has family and friends who are as great of a support system as mine. Some people have nobody to cheer them on in any worthwhile endeavor. I guess that is why there are so many ways to connect digitally with people who share interests and lifestyles. Maybe (unbeknownst to me), that is part of why I started this blog. To be part of somebody else’s support system.

I am thankful that God has blessed me with such a great support system. My wonderful family and friends are amazing and I thank them for living life with me. It is much easier knowing they are there, especially when facing those strange looks you get when you tell somebody you are eating vegan (or close).

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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