Listen · 30 September 2012

We all need to listen to our bodies. If we do, they will help us to be healthy.

I know it sounds like simple advice, but I do not think we listen to our bodies very well. Recently, I was telling one of my athletes about how he ought to have listened to his body better. He had slightly injured his back and should have rested it for a day or so. Then, he could have come back strong and ready to play. Instead, he ignored his body’s voice and injured it more by over compensating with other parts of his body.

Ironically, I did the same thing within a couple days of dispensing such sound advice.

I had been having a bit of stress on my left calf from running. I have not been able to run but a couple days a week and ran too hard one day. I heard my body tell me to take it easy. It said to let it heal. Instead, I ran hard trying to resolve what I thought was an important technical issue before a recent football game and came up lame. Sure, I could have run a little slower or waited to see if it was really an issue. I could have protected my body. Instead, I injured myself.

Now, I am doing what my athlete is doing. I am healing up from a bigger booboo than the small one that I could have taken care of with a few days rest. Fortunately, it seems to be healing up quickly and I have actually been able to run slowly for very short distances. Like down the hallway.

Our bodies give us lots of messages. They can tell us what to do to be healthy. We just need to listen.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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