Anti-Atkins Eating · 2 October 2012

My wife told me about a week or so ago that it seemed I was on an anti-Atkins diet. As I sit here chewing a piece of her delicious homemade bread, I cannot help but think she may have been right. To a certain extent.

Eating almost vegan seems to invite people to eat plenty of bread. After all, bread is where we get lots of our grains. Our country has even been called the “breadbasket of the world.” But eating whole grains does not necessarily mean we ought to eat lots of bread. Or I should say that I should not eat lots of bread. I was thinking about this because of something called the glycemic index.

Foods that get converted to glucose right away have a high glycemic index. Foods that take longer to get converted to glucose have lower glycemic indices. The lower the glycemic index a food has, the better it is for keeping sugar levels consistent. As a person who has genes prone to diabetes, I need to think about this sugar conversion speed.

I notice when I eat food with a high glycemic index, I tend to get light-headed. I get that sugar rush. That sugar rush seems odd now rather than the norm and I need to keep away from it. It should be easy since I have noticed I do not crave sweets as much as I used to. I can have just one cookie and be satisfied. But I still need to remember that I need to get my grains from food other than the delicious homemade bread my wife made. While it is great food, I need to consume it in moderation lest I get back to having that sugar high all the time.

I need to be careful and heed my wife’s warnings. I do not want to eat too much bread or other foods with high glycemic indices. I do not want to be on an anti-Atkins diet.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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