Salad for Breakfast · 3 October 2012

Salad for breakfast? My mom would be incredulous.

When I first read the idea in the book, Born to Run, I thought it was odd. But the reasoning was sound for a runner. It is light and does not fill you up so you can run in just a little bit instead of waiting for the digestive tract to do its job. That was good enough for me (even though I am still not that dedicated of a runner). So I tried it and found salad for breakfast is a great idea.

If you had asked my mom whether she thought I would ever be eating salad for breakfast, she would have laughed. Back when I was a kid, she would have been happy if I had eaten salad anytime without gagging. I remember being about twelve years old and taking just a tiny bit of lettuce and not being able to get it much past my lips without some reaction. Now, I like salad. (And rarely gag on anything.)

Taking the advice of a healthy person to have a bunch of greens for breakfast was a pretty easy change for me. After all, I grew up eating leftovers or hot soup for breakfast much of the time. I think Mom was just glad we ate anything before we headed out the door for school.

Looking at my eating through the lens of my personal history gives an interesting perspective. Forty years ago, I could not even gag down a miniscule piece of lettuce. Now I am eating raw spinach like it is going out of style.

Lots of time has passed since I was that kid trying not to gag on his lettuce. Still, I am sure my mom would never have believed I would be eating salad for breakfast.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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