What Am I Doing? · 4 October 2012

Sometimes we look at our lives and wonder what we are doing. I have only been at this daily blog thing for a month and I surely wonder. I wonder if I am crazy.

I know that I have been writing about my health in terms of eating and running, but there is a mental side of this thing too. Getting up each morning to write something pithy or exciting is not quite what I expected. I had lots of energy when I began, but burning the candle at both ends and in the middle tends to catch up to you. Mostly, I just need to figure out my sleeping patterns better, but I am currently dragging a bit. Still, I have seen an upside to this whole business.

Besides the health benefits that I seem to be deriving from eating differently, I have noticed a change in my writing. I know this seems like it is off the topic, but it is not. After all, we need to be mentally and physically fit to be truly healthy. Writing is one way that I stay mentally fit. It is at least as important to me as eating right or running. Probably more.

As important as writing is, this whole writing and posting six days a week is completely nuts. Still, it has brought sanity with the insanity.

The insanity is, of course, writing and posting a mostly polished piece every day. It is insanity because I am too busy to fit it in. Or at least too busy to fit it in without waking up earlier than my already early rise time.

The sanity comes from actually doing it. The rising and the writing.

I know it sounds crazy that doing something insane brings sanity, but somehow it does. Getting up early and posting something crazy about a new way of life sounds strange, but it works for me. I get to think about what I am doing and tell the world about it. And somehow through the whole process, I have gotten better at writing. Or at least I think so.

I am sure I will not be up for any literary awards any time soon, but it seems like this newest writing gig has given me more drive to write rather than less. I am excited to sit at the computer even when I have little or nothing to say. And when I have too much to say, I am not overwhelmed. I just write. That writing has brought sanity to an insane endeavor.

Whether or not I have truly become a better writer in just a month of daily blogging remains to be seen. However, as I look back on this short time of writing about my health, I realize I am accomplishing something positive in my life. I look back and know that I am not crazy. Even as I still wonder what I am doing.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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