Eating Out Is Hard to Do · 5 October 2012

They say that eating out is hard to do. At least for a vegan. Sure there are menu choices vegans have at many restaurants, but I did not have that luxury yesterday. So it was a good thing I am only eating almost vegan.

Yesterday, I had a field trip and an evening meeting. Both events had meals provided. And both had vegetarians, but not vegans in mind.

I was thankful that there was a veggie lunch at our Construction Career Day. It was a tasty wrap of some sort. I should have been satisfied with that, but I ate the chips and cookie too. Probably not completely vegan or totally healthy, but it was a good mostly wholesome meal that hit the spot after a full day of herding students from place to place.

The food hit the spot at my evening meeting too. There was a buffet with the two main dishes clearly marked. One had chicken, the other had peppers. They were both pasta based and had grated cheese sprinkled throughout. The salad also contained grated cheese and I am sure the dinner rolls and pie were made with butter or some sort of shortening. I was glad I am eating almost vegan instead of going all the way. I might have starved otherwise. As it was, I had plenty to eat and was satisfied if not completely vegan.

Even though I was not in control of my menu yesterday, I was able to eat within my own guidelines.

As I reflected on my eating yesterday, I had a new revelation. Even though I never said I was going vegan all the way, I look at my food choices in a new light. I see what is healthy food rather than just going for quantity. Even when I feel famished due to my schedule or other reasons, I consciously look at my food options and choose healthy more often than I used to do.

When it comes right down to it, wisely choosing what I eat is really the whole point of this almost vegan thing. I am not merely putting restrictions on myself to put restrictions on myself. I am merely trying to eat healthier. So when it comes right down to it, even for an almost vegan, eating out is not all that hard to do.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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