New Taste Buds · 6 October 2012

My taste buds have changed. After eating almost vegan for the past month or so, I find myself not desiring the foods I loved before.

When I first started this healthy journey, I completely gave up sweets for a time. It ended up being a way to reset my system. Since then, I have found that I can eat a cookie or piece of pie and not be as tempted to have that second or third one. I did want a second piece of pie the other night at my dinner meeting, but I waited a few minutes and the desire passed. Later, I was glad I did not eat the whole thing.

Apparently, I still like sweet stuff, but I cannot eat as much of it. Nor do I usually want to. While I understand the loss of desire to have lots of sweets, I do not quite understand why I do not crave meat.

I used to consider myself quite the carnivore. I could not get enough meat. Now, I do not even find it appealing. Sure, I have had a little fish now and then, but even so, I do not want to eat much. Regardless of the type, meat now smells funny and I do not find myself craving any of it like I thought I would.

It turns out that I would much rather fill my belly with leafy green stuff now.

I am still not sure where this whole journey will lead me, but I find it interesting that just adjusting my eating has changed my desires. No, I am not just trying to fool myself or convince myself. I really do not want the meat or sweets anymore.

It is odd, but my taste buds really have changed.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. You’re not alone, Michael! I’ve often read (and experienced) that your body and taste buds readjust to a new diet. Congrats on choosing a healthy one! The trouble for many is that they crave sugar, junk food, etc, because that’s what they’ve been eating. And then it makes it all the harder to change. It helps to know the cravings will go away once you stop eating the wrong foods.

    Bernadette · Oct 5, 06:34 AM ·

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