The Real Reason Behind My Sore Ankles · 9 October 2012

Blogging about my journey toward health has been a good way to help me get in tune with my body. For instance, as soon as I finished my blog post for Saturday, I realized the real reason my ankles were sore. But it was too late to change things and I really did need to take good advice and build up my mileage. So I figured I would just follow up with a new post about the main reason for my soreness.

The main reason my ankles had been sore Saturday morning was not merely because I had been running through the halls but because I had been moving laterally during practice on Friday. It was not much, but enough to make me realize the next day that I need to do some lateral movement work if I am going to play basketball in the winter months. I need to build up my lateral strength and endurance to play in my minimalist shoes. I need to get some muscles around those ankle joints to keep them fit because after feeling my sore ankles on Saturday, I realized that I need to work on more than my jump shot to get ready for basketball season.

I also realized that my lateral movement at practice Friday was the main reason I had sore ankles because they were not sore after I had run for the first time in a couple weeks on Saturday. Thing 2 ran for an hour and I kept him company for about a third of the time. Much farther and longer than my little jaunts in the halls. Then Sunday, my ankles felt fine.

I know I will make mistakes in my journey toward health. More than just misdiagnosing why I am sore. But as I get more in tune with my body, I am sure I will be able to get healthier. Even long after I have finished blogging about it.

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