A Deeper Conspiracy · 10 October 2012

God’s healthy conspiracy goes much deeper than I thought.

With all the evidence for a God conspiracy that I saw and described before, I did not realize how deep the conspiracy was until last week at lunch. Of course, my friend and one of my greatest fans, Mike, is there to give me support. He gives it in the form of “atta boys” or ridicule, whichever is more appropriate. And like I already mentioned, he is part of my fantastic support system. Mike was also the key to uncovering the deeper conspiracy.

The staff at our school has been very stable, especially our lunch group. But this year, we have had quite a bit of change due to pregnancies and a job that somebody simply could not refuse. Those changes hid the evidence until last week when Mike pointed out that we used to have lots of vegetarians in our lunch.

Most of the women who ate with us had either been vegetarian or vegan at some point in their lives. They had often talked about it in terms of pregnancy instead of just health, which also masked the conspiracy. But it was there all along.

Not only did Mike unveil the deeper conspiracy, he helped me realize that I am not the only one God is conspiring against (or for, depending on your perspective). While I know God has been conspiring for me to become healthier, I believe this whole blogging thing is part of a deeper conspiracy to involve more than just me in eating well and becoming healthier. I may not have a whole legion of readers out there taking up the banner of eating almost vegan, but I am sure there are those who would benefit from eating differently. Or at least thinking about the way they eat. They would be wise to consult health care and nutritional professionals when they do.

There is more to this whole eating, running, and blogging thing than I first suspected. I am not exactly sure who else God might be targeting, but the healthy conspiracy is much deeper than I ever imagined.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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