Losing Weight and Waist · 12 October 2012

There is a downside to losing both weight and waist. My clothes do not fit.

I know I said just over a month ago that I am not too concerned about numbers, but I do keep track. Currently, I am close to the weight I want to be, but more importantly, I am closer to having the waist I want to have. My belly is not hanging over my belt as much as it used to do. Especially, when I sit down.

I did not realize that losing waist would mean that my clothes would look different on me. That is probably because every time I have lost weight before, I never really lost any roundness around my waist. Nor did I lose it for very long. Now, I find that I can cinch up my belt as tight as it will go and my pants are still a bit loose. It is not a bad thing, except that my wife is used to getting me clothes of a certain size.

I did not really figure clothing dilemma out until the other day. I tried on some pants that we had bought in August and they were huge. Unfortunately, I had already worn one of the three pairs of pants and it had already gone through the wash. I wore them just a few days before without even realizing how big they are. Probably because most of my other pants are now too big for me too.

I know it is probably too soon to think that my size and weight will stay constant or continually decrease. After all, I have lost weight before. Still, having clothes that do not fit, even temporarily, is not really all that bad of a downside to losing both weight and waist.

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