My Credentials · 13 October 2012

I have no credentials to write an authoritative blog about health. (So it is a good thing that I am not trying to do so.)

In some ways, I wish I did have credentials. If I was an elite athlete promoting an almost vegan lifestyle, people might hear me. If I was a doctor or other health care professional, people might give credence to what I say. If I was a dietary guru, people might believe I had something to offer. But I am just an ordinary guy with a few stories to tell. I am sure “story telling average guy” (or MediocreMan, if you will) is completely the opposite of authoritative. But maybe that is the point.

I never started this blog to be authoritative. I just wanted to tell the story of one person changing his health one meal and one run at a time. All I really want to do is tell people that they can be healthy. It is their choice. And I give them this message by telling my story. So I suppose being an average guy with a story to tell is only authoritative to me and maybe a few readers.

When it comes right down to it, I do have credentials. My credentials are simply that I am a normal person with some crazy desire to write about my life and my health.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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