Food Confidante · 17 October 2012

Yesterday, Andie and I were laughing about our eating discussions. We were laughing because she never thought that I would be her food and eating confidante.

Andie is my friend and the teacher across the hall, who I previously mentioned as being our resident vegetarian expert at school. I sought her out this year as a resource for my new eating regime. She shared some cookbooks with me, and we have had some great conversations about eating and health. For some reason, yesterday, it struck her as funny that we would be the ones talking to each other about food and eating.

After thinking about it, I had to chuckle too. I never would have imagined doing anything more than scoffing at the notion that anybody could actually like to eat vegan or even close. Let alone me. After all, I was the classic carnivore looking down upon the herbivores. Now, I will talk to anybody who will listen, and tell them that eating vegan (or close) is the healthy way to go.

It is humorous thinking that I could be anybody’s eating confidante let alone a former vegetarian (who might find herself eating vegan or close). I cannot imagine something more ludicrous than a former meat eater giving ear to a former vegetarian about food matters. Yet regardless of how crazy it all seems, I have become at least one person’s food confidante.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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