Forced Eating · 18 October 2012

Andie is one of the few people I know who was forced to eat a certain way. She has food allergies and her health care provider wanted to see what foods she is allergic to. So she had to give up many foods for a while, including sweets.

As she starts to add different foods back into her diet, she is finding that she might not necessarily want to add them all back.

The other day, we were talking about eating sweets. As we compared notes, Andie and I found that we have had similar experiences. The main thing is that we can have those sweets, but they do not have the hold on us they used to have. Part of that reason is because of the after effects.

Andie told me that she felt great the other day after eating a cupcake. At least until later. That evening, she felt lethargic and not herself. It was the dreaded sugar high crash.

When the body is used to lots of sweets and is on a constant sugar high, it is the norm. But when it gets used to not having sweets in the system, it crashes after a high dose. For me, that crash comes in the form of fatigue. I want to sleep. When she told me about her crash, Andie’s lethargy and stomach woes seemed much worse.

Andie is adding more foods back into her diet, but it sounds like she is going to be careful about the sweets. I have come to the same conclusions on my eating journey. Sweets can be in my diet, but they do not have the prominent spot nor do they have much draw for me anymore.

Thankfully, I have not been forced to change my eating like my friend Andie.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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