A Tale of Two Meals · 21 October 2012

My wife and my friend, Andie have having the same lament – they are cooking two meals or more at supper.

Nobody wants to have separate menus for people at any meal. At least not in a single household. With Andie’s food allergies being diagnosed and my new eating plan, there are diverse meals at supper in both our homes.

Nobody likes change. My wife is no exception. She does not like that she needs to think about food differently now than she used to, especially since she has been cooking a certain way for decades. She does not like it that she is having to adjust our meals or make different foods for me than for the rest of the family. I understand her frustration, but I know that I feel healthier when I am eating almost vegan.

My friend, Andie, is frustrated that she needs to make more than one meal too. She told me that she has worked hard to make sure her sons eat the same things that she and her husband eat. She never wanted to make two different meals like she is doing now. The frustrating thing for her is that she is making those special meals, not for her kids like she has seen others do, but for herself. “Aargh!”

Things will get better. Andie will figure out which foods she can add back into her diet and then adapt her family’s meals to fit her needs and theirs. My family will adjust too. My wife thinks that I will eventually give up this almost vegan thing. But if not she and the kids and I will figure it out together. Or at the very least, the boys will move out and my wife and I can eat mostly how she wants.

I am sure this multiple meal plan happens at more than just our two households for a variety of reasons. I am sure there are more than a few people lamenting the tale of two meals.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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