My Logbook · 25 October 2012

I really wanted to start this post out with “Captain’s log, stardate 20121024.” But my friend Mike has told me I ought to have a more serious voice for this blog (dare I say “blogbook”) of my journey toward health. So I listened. More or less.

Yesterday, Mike told me I had said the same thing for a few days in a row now. He said that it sounded like I am trying to convince myself not to give up on this almost vegan thing. As I thought about his statement, I realized that this journey toward health is not really about the eating or running. Or even about the writing. It is about recording the journey.

In the long run, I am not sure where this whole almost vegan running thing is going. It may lead back to a life of eating like I used to as my wife seems to think. Or it may lead to eating almost vegan and running all my life. Or it may even lead somewhere else. I am not sure. But I am sure that I am not trying to convince my readers or even myself of a specific way to eat or exercise. I am merely recording my trip and sharing my logbook.

There will surely be times when I try to convince myself of a point of view. And as I record my thoughts and feelings, conflicts may arise within my thought process. But that is the point of a logbook, journal, or blog (did I say blogbook?). The writing itself helps to clarify those same thoughts and feelings.

I am sure there will be times when I repeat myself. After all, this is a blog. Sometimes, that repetition will be to try and convince myself as my friend Mike suggested. But most of the time it will just be because I am recording my journey in my (b)logbook.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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