I Love Cookies · 28 October 2012

I love cookies. And pies. And other desserts. All of which are still made with eggs and/or butter at our house, which is part of the reason I am only mostly vegan.

I know that all the delicious treats I love could be made with egg and butter substitutes, but that is just too difficult. At least for me. It is easy to crack a couple eggs and put a couple sticks of butter into the mixer when making cookies. But, using apple sauce or other binders instead of eggs seems strange. And I do not use margarine. So since cookies are not technically vegan food, I do not eat totally vegan.

Most other desserts have eggs and dairy in them as well. While I will probably give up the cream pies and the whipped cream that goes well with every treat, I will probably not shy away from other pies. Or other desserts for that matter. Our family discussed this the other day as we were talking about my birthday pie.

I usually have banana cream pie for my birthday. And since I like a little pie with my whipped cream, my wife was trying to help me figure out what pie I wanted. As I thought about it a bit, I could not help but remember the little pecan tarts that my grandma used to make.

It seemed like we had those delectable delights every weekend when we went to Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Those tarts were so delicious I could almost smell them in my mind. So after the short trip down memory lane, I decided I wanted pecan pie for my birthday.

My wife pointed out that pecan pie has eggs in it. I pointed out that I was only almost vegan. And while I might not be eating eggs as a main course, I do not mind having them in other things. Especially desserts.

Eating mostly vegan has been my choice for health reasons, but there are reasons besides health that I am not going all the way. Desserts. As much as I want to be healthy, I really do not want to give up desserts. When it comes right down to it, I am probably only going almost vegan because I love cookies.

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