No Halloween Aftermath · 2 November 2012

Thankfully, there will be no aftermath of binging on Halloween candy this year. Our kids did not go trick or treating and we ran out of candy before we ran out of trick or treaters. Still, I did have a little reminder about why I should not eat candy.

I had a couple pieces of candy Halloween morning. They were a good reminder that a small amount of candy goes a long way, and that I cannot eat foods with high glycemic indices lest I want to suffer the consequences. Almost immediately after I ate the candy, I got a sugar rush. I felt light headed and foggy. I hate that feeling. Unfortunately, I had forgotten what it felt like, but those two small pieces of candy helped me remember very quickly.

I am glad we do not have any Halloween candy in the house this year. It would be fine to have around if I could remember that I do not like getting that inevitable sugar rush. But since I always seem to forget, it is nice not to have any candy. It is also nice to know that at least this year, I will not suffer the usual aftermath of Halloween.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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