A Halloween Bonus · 4 November 2012

I rediscovered an old bonus of Halloween – toasted pumpkin seeds. They are yummy and healthy. And they are pretty easy to make.

Each year, we carve pumpkins for Halloween decorations, but until this year, I had forgotten how good toasted pumpkin seeds are. We had them every once in a while when we were kids, so I would think about making some each year. Then finally this year, I finally stopped thinking about it and just did it.

There are lots of recipes out there on the internet, but I found one that was pretty simple. I washed and boiled the seeds before toasting. Toasting them took a lot longer than the recipe said, but it could have been because of the amount of seeds. At any rate, they turned out well even if my wife said they could have used more seasoning.

I am glad that this Halloween we rediscovered pumpkin seeds, a healthy, delicious, albeit seasonal snack that comes as a bonus from carving Jack o’lanterns.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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