A New Message · 20 November 2012

I have a new message to go with my story. We all need to start eating almost vegan to get healthy.

This past weekend, the pastor at our church spoke about being thankful for going through adversity. If people wanted a light happy Thanksgiving message, they were disappointed, but if they wanted truth spoken into their lives, they got it. The main message was that we go through trials and tribulations to bring us closer to God.

The part of the message that spoke most to me was that sometimes we go through trials and tribulations so that others can see how we respond. So that others can see how God works in our lives.

After hearing that message and reading more of The China Study, I have come to a startling revelation. I am eating almost vegan so that others can hear the story and see the results.

Do not get me wrong. I am sure I gave up dairy and meat so that I could become healthier. However, I am also quite certain that there are others out there who want to see if a guy like me, a former self-proclaimed carnivore, can keep it up as a lifestyle or if it is just another eating phase. So far, I am convinced that I cannot go back to my meat eating ways.

I think that the message this Sunday at church, The China Study, and writing are all part of the plot. God has put circumstances and events into my life and the lives of those around me to make me want tell everybody to go almost vegan. I am not here to give the scientific data. The China Study, Forks over Knives, and other great sources can put forth the facts. I am just a story teller. I can just tell people my own journey. However, I did not realize until this week that my story could be very important to very many people, but it can. I know too many people with diseases that could be affected immediately by eating vegan.

If the author of The China Study is right, then I need to go beyond telling my own story just for the sake of telling the story. I need to tell people to cut out or at the very least drastically cut down on the amount of dairy and meat they consume. I even need to go so far as telling them that it could save their lives. If vascular diseases and cancer can be prevented or reversed as Dr. Campbell insists in his book, I need to tell others to eat like I am eating.

Obviously, God is at the heart of this change in my message. After all, going from just telling my story to telling people they ought to hear my story and change their lives is basically what an evangelist does.

It is not in my nature to be too pesky about peddling my own faith. I will tell people about it a couple times and then let them ask me to tell them more. So it is with my new way of eating. Even in the pages of this blog, I will only put forth the message that we all ought to eat almost vegan a few times. Then, I will see who asks more questions.

I never realized that I would be an evangelist about a way of eating, but it has become part of the story. And now my story is part of the message.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. Insights like this liven thigns up around here.

    — Mikel · Dec 3, 12:46 AM ·

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