Sore Calves · 21 November 2012

My calves were sore the other day after just three days of running.

I know they get sore due to the fact that I run without a heel strike, but the soreness is a small price to pay. For even though I was walking funny for most of the day afterward (Sunday), I have not had any pains in my knees or other joints. As an added bonus, I did my normal calf raises on the next day (Monday) and the soreness went away. Mostly.

I have taken a couple days off now due to being a wimp and not wanting to run in the downpour Monday and having to work late on Tuesday. But I am excited to go again. I will probably have sore calves again, but that is okay. I know they are getting stronger as I run more. And in a little while, I will need to run farther distances to get the same soreness because our bodies adapt and get stronger when we add the proper amount of stress.

I look forward to the day when my body is not too sore from just a few short runs. Then again, I should enjoy the dull throb in my calves as a sign of getting healthier and stronger. Even if they are sore after just a few days running.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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