The Feasting Holiday Season · 24 November 2012

The feasting holiday season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is a period of time when it is difficult to be eating almost vegan.

I do not think I would have made the switch during this time when eating is almost a religious event in and of itself. Regardless of what the “roast beast” is that sits upon people’s tables for Christmas, it would be difficult to give it up if somebody was going vegan “cold turkey.” So to my carnivore and omnivore friends, who might like to go vegan, I would say, “Don’t do it.” At least not at Christmas. Or during any holiday season that is so tied to eating and lasts for what seems like months.

To give up anything is difficult, especially, when it is food. So if I were to give any advice to people who wanted to go vegan or almost vegan, I would tell them to cut out the dairy quickly, but wean themselves from meat.

Milk was not too hard to give up for me even though there are lots of dairy foods. Cheese, yogurt, and other dairy products seem to be in every meal. So to give up both meat and dairy in one fell swoop could lead to a diet disaster. Especially, with holiday meals laden with both.

If I was going almost vegan now instead of three months ago, I would definitely wean myself like I did back then. When I gave myself smaller and smaller portions of meat, it became fairly easy to get rid of it from my diet. I was not as invested in the taste nor did I miss it as much as I believe I would have if I had just stopped eating both dairy and meat. If I had not weaned myself, I am sure I would have missed it too much and gotten back onto the meat wagon. And if I had started at Christmastime, I am sure I would have gobbled up more than my fair share of roast beast. As usual.

That is why I would recommend to anybody who wants to go vegan (or close) to do so after the new year starts. Most of the feasts will be done for months (until barbeque season starts). And if you wean yourself from meat, you can take a long time reducing those portions. I would still get rid of dairy quickly, but I suppose people could do it the opposite way.

I do not know how many people are out there who want to go almost vegan or even all the way, but I applaud them if they do. Especially, if they are trying to get healthier. However, I hope they take my advice to wean themselves and not try a new way of eating with Thanksgiving so soon passed and Christmas so close. For it can be difficult eating almost vegan during the feasting holiday season.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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