Taking Good Advice · 26 November 2012

It seems that God is conspiring against and for more than just me.

My wife gave me some good advice about getting more traffic to my website as I blog about my healthy journey. She told me I ought to take pictures of food and include some recipes. I thought it was a great idea that we could do together.

This might not seem like part of the whole conspiracy thing, but I think it is. On the one side, even if I take her advice and the only other new reader I get is my wife, I would be excited. On the other side, if I get more readers due to her advice, I would be ecstatic. After all, every writer could use more readers. Plus, if my wife could read my blog a few times without calling me a liar, that would be an added bonus.

But just getting my wife to read my blog is not the real reason I think this is all part of God’s conspiracy. The real reason for my suspicion is that this is a way for my wife to become involved in this whole healthy project.

This idea of hers is a way for her to be sucked into this healthy conspiracy. She can help me with the pictures and recipes and we can have a fun project to do together. Every married couple could use more time together and this project would be a way to do that. Besides, being so involved could get her to eat mostly vegan too instead of eating “just a little meat and dairy.”

I am looking forward to putting recipes and pictures on my blog more for the interaction with my wife than I am for driving traffic to my website. Of course, I would love both. But after I heard my wife’s idea, I came to the conclusion that God is conspiring with and for more than just me.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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  1. That’s a genuinely impressive answer.

    — Simran · Dec 3, 09:21 AM ·

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