Metaphors · 30 November 2012

Running has become a metaphor for writing and writing has become a metaphor for running in my life. Both are essential for my health (physically and mentally), and I am finding myself increasingly needing them.

My friend, Tim, helped me get started on my weekly blog. And as I continued to produce writing, he was the one who told me to just ship it, even if the piece was not perfect. This attitude was exactly what I needed. I needed to keep producing finished products each week, even if my quality sometimes suffered. And whether I have any real readers or not, that attitude changed me from a wannabe into a writer.

Yesterday as I was on a short run, I realized that I need to have this same mindset with running. Even if I cannot run very many minutes, I can make time in my day to run for at least a few. If I have the attitude that I will run even when I do not really have the time, then I will run. With the new attitude, I will become a runner just like I have become a writer.

I do not anticipate winning any prizes for writing or running, but I can share the same attitude in both endeavors. I can keep writing regardless of quality (or readership) and I can keep running to get in better shape regardless of how much time I have. I win with both endeavors because I stay sane as I get healthier.

I know it probably sounds a bit crazy, but I need to run and I need to write. Not only are they essential parts of my life, they provide nice metaphors for each other.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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