Being Annoying · 3 December 2012

My wife is right. As usual. I have been annoying about this whole almost vegan thing. Apparently, I have been too preachy at suppertime and she is tired of it. She said that if I really wanted everybody to get on board with it, I need to attract people to me instead of pushing them away.

Yesterday, we were arguing about this almost vegan thing. I thought I was simply trying to share what I thought was relevant information I have been reading in The China Study. Of course, I was not doing it in the most convincing manner. I was being annoying and dogmatic according to my wife. Looking back, I know she was right.

The worst part of the argument came when she pointed to the Bible and evangelizing for God.

There is nothing in the Bible that says we cannot eat meat. Sure, certain types of food are forbidden in the old testament, but those restrictions are removed in the new. However, the point that cut to the heart of the matter was when she said I should want to attract people to me instead of push them away. Just like when evangelizing for God.

I hate being too annoying and pushing people away. Whether I am trying to get them to think about God or diet, I need to be gentle. I need to be the sort of person who attracts people to himself and makes them wonder why I am content and healthy. I want people to know that I am content because God rules my life and healthy because I eat almost vegan. And I cannot get to that point in the conversation if I am being annoying and pushing people away. Especially, my family.

I do not want people to think that I am that annoying crazy vegan guy trying to push veggies on the street corner. And I do not want to push people away by being annoying about this almost vegan thing. It happens much too often, but I hate it when my wife is right.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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