The Vegan Life Commercial · 10 December 2012

Eating almost vegan seems like that old Life cereal commercial.

    I can see two slightly overweight middle-aged brothers sitting at the table looking at a plate of leafy green vegetables.
    “Eating vegan?”
    “What’s that?”
    “A way to eat that’s supposed to be good for ya.”
    “You gonna try it?” Pushes a plate of leafy green vegetables to his brother.
    “I’m not gonna try it. You try it.” Pushes the plate back.
    “I’m not gonna try it.”
    As they sit looking at the plate trying to decide what to do, their other brother enters the scene and sits down without saying a word.
    “Hey! Let’s get Mikey.”
    “Yeah. He won’t diet. He eats everything.”
    They give the plate to Mikey and he gobbles it down.
    “Hey Mikey!”
    Looking at each other, “He likes it!”

I know it sounds like a silly commercial, but it would be nostalgic. And poignant. Like the two men in my new commercial, I was never going to try eating vegan. And while you should never call me Mikey, eating almost vegan is a life choice that I have come to embrace and enjoy. So even though it remains to be seen whether I ever eat a bit of meat now and then or go completely vegan, I have tried it and I do like it. Just like the kid in the old Life cereal commercial.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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