Sleep Is Important · 11 December 2012

I never figured that sleep was part of this healthy conspiracy until recently.

Sleep is an important part of health and yet I have said that I would love it if I did not need any. Apparently, I have said it too many times because God seems to have heard it as a prayer. Or He decided that I need to understand how important sleep really is because lately, I have been needing more than I am getting.

Actually, I have been getting enough sleep most of the time. It is just that like everybody else in the universe, I have too much going on. It gets like that when we do life.

Adding this whole blogging everyday thing has been quite the challenge. To be sure, it has shown me that I can write every single day. But it has also shown me that I need to have balance and priorities. I need to do all the things I am supposed to do and still sleep somewhere in there too. Maybe sleeping just needs to be a higher priority.

At any rate, I get it. I know that I need to quit telling everybody, including God, that I would love it if I did not need any sleep. Like everybody else, I need to sleep as part of a healthy lifestyle. I just did not figure that it would be part of the healthy conspiracy against me.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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