It Is Just My Story · 13 December 2012

I know it is just my story, but the more I read about being vegan, the more I realize that my blog is relevant to the whole discussion.

I know that I am not adding anything new in terms of health or environmental knowledge, but the story of one man’s journey toward health is important to veganism or at least “almost veganism.” After all, I am not ranting and raving about the environment or animal rights, so people cannot just blow me off as a radical. I am just out here in cyberspace trying to tell people my story of eating, running, and health.

In some ways, I wish I was telling people to eat almost vegan in order to “stick it to the man” or go against the status quo. But my message is simple. I have chosen to eat almost vegan so I can stay healthy. Or maybe get closer to being truly healthy. I have no hidden agenda.

Sure, I want people to like me on Facebook, land a lucrative book deal, or at least make a couple bucks from my website, but those are just the dreams of any writer. Yes, I suppose I could get more traffic if was espousing all the tenets of veganism, but I suppose I am only “almost vegan” in more ways than just eating.

I know anecdotal evidence is not very scientific, but people use it more to make decisions than they do statistics. People buy stuff and make major decisions based on recommendations from their friends. That is why the story of one person’s journey toward health is important. It may not be a compelling read and I know it is just my story, but my blog is an important part of the vegan discussion. Just because it is my story.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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