Christmas Cookies · 17 December 2012

I know sugar is bad for me, but I love to eat all the Christmas treats. And while I know it is not even close to the Christmas spirit, I would love it if I did not have to share any of them. Especially, the cookies.

This weekend, I ate way too many Christmas cookies. My wife and some of her friends had a cookie exchange so there were at least six dozen delectable treats in our house Friday afternoon. There are considerably less than that now. And I probably ate them all. Or at least most of them. Our kids seem disinterested in sweets.

I should be glad that my kids did not inherit my cookie monster gene. However, that just means that I am the one who gobbles down all the treats. I am the one who tries to eat all the cookies before anybody even gets a taste. I am the one who binges on the available sugar.

I know I should not eat all the sweets, especially the ones available at Christmastime, but when there are cookies, I have a tough time leaving them alone. Intellectually, I know sugar is bad for me, but unfortunately, that still does not keep me from trying to eat all the Christmas treats. Especially, the cookies.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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