Cold Feet · 20 December 2012

There is only one downside to minimalist shoes. Cold feet.

Winter in the Pacific Northwest does not always mean snow. At least in the coastal regions. But it does mean cold. And usually wet. So my feet get a bit icy wearing my “no shoes” shoes.

I suppose that if I lived in warmer climes, I could just get rid of shoes all together. I could actually run barefoot on the beach. While that would be fun, I am not planning on moving any time soon so I just deal with my cold feet.

Actually, my feet really only get cold when I am not moving. In fact, besides being cold when I am not moving, I do not really even notice my feet unless they are hurting. Usually because I crammed them into some uncomfortable shoe for a short time. I guess that is normal. We are really only aware of ourselves when we are uncomfortable or distressed. Nobody thinks about unhurt limbs or comfortable feet. But everybody notices banged up knees, achy head, bruised muscles, or frostbit toes.

Currently, I am only noticing the soreness that comes from exercise. And the occasional downside to minimalist shoes – cold feet.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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