Eat Color · 22 December 2012

I never really thought about it much, but colorful food is good food as long as it is whole food. It looks good on the plate and it tastes good too. But more than that, it is good for your body.

Everybody says to eat more green leafy vegetables, and that is great advice. Green is a wonderful color. But there are many more colors in the rainbow and on the vine. Whole foods are all sorts of reds and oranges and blues and purples and of course, greens. They all have lots of great nutrients in them as well. The different colors provide an indication of the different nutrients, but they are all healthy. They are all good for you.

Unfortunately, much of the food we tend to eat these days does not have much color.

Processed foods are the least colorful and same tasting but perhaps the most interesting. Manufacturers take the original whole food and grind it up. Then, they process the food in such a way as to get all the good, life providing nutrients out. They might add back in stuff that helps the food seem nutritious, but most of the real food that is left is sugar or starch. The process also takes out most of the taste and color. Which of course, needs to be added back in artificially.

The more I think about nutrition, the more I realize that eating whole foods is much more important than staying away from meat and dairy. And those whole foods usually have more color than the unnatural processed foods that we all seem to enjoy or even crave. Despite how little nutrition they have.

There is a lot of science in the color of foods and you can find out tons in amazing books in the library and book stores. Or even on the internet. But all I want to say here is that for the most part, eating foods with vibrant and various colors is a healthy way to eat. Just be sure that those colors come from whole foods.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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