Roast Beast · 24 December 2012

There is a big piece of beef in the refrigerator that will be the roast beast for Christmas dinner. I am actually planning on having a bite of it just to see.

What I want to see is if my taste buds have really changed that much. Does my mouth water thinking of the beef that I used to love so much or is it just watering because I love to eat? Am I really just a carnivore suppressing my natural tendencies or is there really something to this almost vegan way of eating? I want to find out with that taste.

My bet is that the meat will not taste as delectable as it used to. I will not be irresistibly drawn to the dark side. Instead, I will have the bite and decide that I really can take it or leave it. That I can have little bits of meat every once in a while and not really feel like I am missing anything.

I am sure somebody will think that I am hedging my bets. That I really would rather be a meat eater and get off the veggie kick. But I do not think so. Since I weaned myself from meat a few months ago, I have not craved any roast beast or been drawn to the barbeque. Still, you never know. After all, this is still an experiment and I ought not to draw conclusions too soon.

What I do know is that this experiment has been a good one so far. So far, I have found that I do not need to starve myself to lose weight. I also discovered that I like veggies, fruits, and nuts more than I thought I did. And perhaps most importantly, I believe that even if I do go back to eating a bit of fish every once in a while, I do not need to have much to satisfy my palate or my stomach.

There is a big piece of beef in the refrigerator waiting to become the roast beast for Christmas dinner, and I really am looking forward to a taste of it just to see. But what I really want is all the other stuff that goes with it.

© 2012 Michael T. Miyoshi

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