Not Really a New Year’s Resolution · 1 January 2013

I am not really one to make too many New Year’s resolutions, but this year seems different. This year, I want to continue on the road to good health by eating mostly vegan. This year, I want to make sure I have at least one meal per day that is mostly, if not completely, fruits and vegetables.

Actually, I really just want to keep making those colorful foods the center of my diet rather than the periphery as they were in times past. This thought is just more in the forefront of my mind now because of the last couple weeks. Through the holiday season, I have binged on sweets and neglected many fruits and vegetables. Especially the leafy green ones. New Year’s Eve was the exception rather than the rule these past few weeks.

I knew I was going to stay up well past my bedtime New Year’s Eve. I even adjusted my eating schedule, (but only because circumstances and errands made me put off and eventually miss breakfast). Even though I did not mean to miss breakfast, I did anticipate eating chips and other treats until midnight or beyond as our kids had activities with their friends. So at dinner, I had a large salad with just spinach, broccoli, and tomatoes. Throughout the evening after that, I ate what seemed like lots of food, including way too many Doritos.

When I woke up to the New Year, I weighed myself. I figured I would need to need to give the Wii Fit a reason for having a big spike in weight for a third time in the last ten days. But lo and behold, I actually lost weight. I was shocked.

Spinach and broccoli were the only reasons I could think of for such a phenomenon. They kept me full enough that I did not eat the whole bag of chips by myself. And whatever else I ate was mitigated by the leafy greens. Or so it seemed.

I do not know if that explanation totally makes sense biologically, but it does not really matter. I still plan to keeping the fruits and vegetables at the center of my diet and to keep eating mostly vegan. Whether I need to lose holiday weight or not. Whether it is popular or not. And even if it sounds like a New Year’s resolution.

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you have a healthy one.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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