Back Health · 2 January 2013

I have not thought about it much until recently, but standing all day is much better than sitting all day when it comes to back health.

During this Christmas break, I have been more sedentary than I normally am at work. This break, we have been playing games and just hanging out as a family. At work, I wander around my classroom to see what students are doing and give them help as they need it. Standing or wandering all day seems to be much healthier than sitting and hanging out all day. At least where my back is concerned.

This makes sense. Back health is connected with core strength. And we use more core muscles walking or standing than we do sitting. Even just a couple weeks of sedentary life (with a little running thrown in) have made my core muscles weaker and my back sorer.

I am not completely ready for vacation to be over, but I am ready to get off my rear end. I am ready to get back to standing and wandering and having a healthier back.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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