Getting in Better Shape · 3 January 2013

I must be getting in better shape. I can actually run for half an hour now without collapsing. And I have done it for several days in a row now instead of just sporadically as I have been doing for quite a while.

The truth is, I almost enjoy running now. Or at least it is not drudgery. I actually want to go out and put in some miles. I do wish I could go faster and farther, but I know I can do that if I change my routine. If I do some speed work along with the miles.

So far, I have just logged a few miles per day a few days a week. It has been great. Unfortunately, I know my schedule will get crazy again once school starts back up. That means that any running routine I have developed this past week will certainly get thrown out the window (if a routine can be developed in a week). I am okay with that simply because I actually like running now. Almost.

The reason I cannot quite say I like running is because I am still huffing and puffing the whole way. I feel like my feet are dragging and that I am going slower all the time. I cannot seem to get to that effortless stage where I want to be. I want to just glide along instead of trudge along the road. I want to feel good and look good doing it.

When it comes down to it, I suppose I am just impatient. I should be thankful that I can run and look at all the other positives.

I do thank God for my health. I am happy that I can run at all. And more importantly, I am thankful that my knees do not hurt me. I am running without any pain in my body. The only negative thing I feel is the mental anguish that I cannot get my body going more smoothly. But I can deal with that. I am just glad that I can put a few miles on the road on any given week.

When it comes right down to it, the miles are my reward in and of themselves. They are a measure of my health that I cannot dispute. I may not be ready for any races, but for the most part, I am having a good time running. I like putting in the miles. Especially, since I am not collapsing when I am through. Best of all, I enjoy getting in better shape.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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