Not a Speed Demon · 4 January 2013

I am sure I will never be a speed demon as a runner, but I have always liked to sprint more than run long distances. So putting in some speed work is not only a good change of pace (pardon the pun), it is a way to vary my running routine.

Changing the routine is always a good thing to do. There are entire workout programs like CrossFit which challenge the body to get fit through changing the workout every day. The idea behind CrossFit is to get the body fit for any physical endeavor rather than just preparing for a specific task like running. Currently, I want to get better at running and I like the idea of changing the routine to do it. So yesterday, I did some sprints.

We live in a good place for me to train for running. The routes I take are all less than five miles and I can choose to include moderate or intense hills. I actually love hills. They offer a great change from the flat roads. Plus, they are, in and of themselves, a type of speed training. Naturally, I took the hills to a different level and did some sprint work on one.

Sprinting up hill is a great workout. I only did four sprints, two fairly short and two just a little longer, but they were a great way to show that I have increased my fitness level. I did not die during any of them. And I only had to walk downhill to the starting line to catch my breath. Eventually, I would like to be able to sprint up all of or most of the hill, but doing just a little bit of sprint work was a good change.

Changing my running and workout routine is good for the body and sprints provide a great alternative to just running around the neighborhood. I do hope the sprints will help make me a faster runner. But when it comes right down to it, I am sure I will never be a speed demon.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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