Born to Run, Again · 7 January 2013

I am amazed at how God works this whole healthy conspiracy thing.

When I recently read an article in the paper about distance running being part of the human makeup, I thought back to the book, Born to Run. When I thought about adding different training elements like sprint work into my health regime, I thought about CrossFit, which again took me back to Born to Run.

It seems that I am forever going back to the theme of running and this book (which is helping to make sense of the whole healthy conspiracy against me). Like the elite runners who the author met in the Mexican canyons, I do not just want to merely be a better runner, I want to be a better athlete. This is the same message I preach to the athletes I coach. I tell them all, “Do not just try to be a better football player or discus thrower, try to become a better athlete.”

Personally, I want to become a better basketball player and runner. And while I do not make the time to shoot hoops every day, I can run almost any time. I can also do calisthenics and body weight exercises to increase my physical abilities.

It all comes down to priorities and goals. We make time for what is important. I guess that is what this whole God conspiracy is about. God wants me to make time for fitness and writing along with the far more important things in life like family. He is showing me how to do it too. I just need to do a little bit every day. Both in the writing and running, rather fitness, departments.

I am amazed that God’s conspiracy to make me more fit and a better writer keeps taking me back to a specific book and particular themes. Then again, it should not surprise me. After all, that is the way this whole God conspiracy thing seems to work.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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