Cold Feet, Part 2 · 16 January 2013

There is only one drawback to wearing minimalist shoes – cold feet.

It has been cold here recently, but I have continued to wear my minimalist shoes. I cannot imagine wearing anything else now. Unfortunately, neither my work shoes nor my running shoes provide much protection against the cold. It is not quite like being barefoot, but almost. Of course, that is how they are designed to be.

Regardless of my cold feet, I would not trade warmth for comfort since I am on my feet all day. I would rather endure a bit of cold, than have my feet hurt all the time. Besides, I only really notice the cold when I am standing still or when I go outside.

The cold weather is very obvious to my feet when I run. At least in the beginning. After I get warmed up a bit, my feet are fine. Blood rushes through my whole body and I can run without feeling the cold. And when I finish running, I get an added benefit. I stay warm for a long time.

Somebody told me long ago that I need to take care of my feet. I am convinced that going barefoot or wearing minimalist shoes are the best ways to do that. Even with the drawback of cold feet.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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