A Way to Stay Warm · 18 January 2013

It seems counterintuitive, but expending energy is a great way to stay warm.

I never thought exercising could keep a person warm for so long. When I get back from a run or from playing basketball, I feel warm for hours. Even when it is frigid in the house or outside, I can sit around in shorts and a t-shirt all day long after I expend lots of energy.

It seems to me that the reason I stay warm for so long is because my body is still releasing heat so it can cool down. The blood is going near to the skin to release whatever energy is in the body. At least that seems to be what is happening. But regardless of the bodily mechanisms, it is nice to be able to exercise and feel warm the rest of the day. Especially, when it is cold outside.

I do not know the biological reasons for staying warm after working out, but it does not really matter. What really matters is that even though it seems counterintuitive, when I exercise, I stay warm.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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