A Gift · 28 January 2013

For me, writing is a gift. And a curse. But mostly a gift.

People have told me that I write well. Sometimes I even agree with them. It is in those moments when I think of writing as a gift. Actually, I think of writing as a gift because it is something I love to do and because I believe it is something God has told me to do.

Certainly, God telling me what to do is not the curse portion of writing. I have been writing long before I thought God was calling me to do so. When it was just a pastime and a gift I did not use all the time. But that is part of the curse of any gift. When we do not use it, we can lose the gift. Or at least its luster.

That fear of losing my gift is not the curse of writing either. The curse comes in the form of needing to write. I suppose it is like an addiction. It is like running. The more I write and the more I run, the more I want to do both. The more I need them. Writing is like breathing. For me, it is necessary for life. At least for a full life.

The more I reflect on writing, the more I realize that it is not an addiction to be rid of. It is not a curse. It is just part of my life that I must continually embrace. The more I look at writing, the more I realize what a gift it truly is.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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