Beware the Title · 29 January 2013

It seems that titles do not always have much to do with what is written.

My wife and a friend both pointed me to a Seattle Times article about running barefoot. So I figured I better read it.

If I was to believe the title, Barefoot running: The pace of dissent quickens, I would think there is a growing movement to discount going barefoot as a viable way to run. But the article does not have much to do with the title. In reality, the article points out what could be an anomaly in data gathered by scientists. These scientists have not come to many conclusions about what the data means. At least that is what I gathered from reading the article.

I appreciate my friends pointing out interesting things for me to read. It is always good to know dissenting views. It gives me a little perspective and something to write about. But as we read, we must all beware. Titles do not always have to do with what is written.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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