Sugar Addict · 1 February 2013

I need to remember I am a sugar addict. And that I need to “Just say no.”

Yesterday was a perfect case in point. I had a doughnut, a couple cupcakes, and a couple cookies. Fortunately, I did have a little self control. After all, only one cupcake and the cookies were eaten at the same sitting.

I could not resist the doughnut one of my coworkers offered me in the morning. When I saw him with his unmistakable box coming down the long hallway I was hoping he would not offer one to me. Actually, being the junk food junkie I am, I was both hoping he would and hoping he would not offer me one. I almost just said no, but in the end, I indulged.

At lunch, we had cupcakes to say farewell to a couple long term substitute teachers. I had a couple cookies to top off the dessert. If I did not have a sugar rush with the early morning doughnut, I did with the sweets at lunch. And again when a student offered me one of her delicious cupcakes at the end of the day.

The odd thing is that looking back, my sugar rushes were not as severe as I have had them. When I do not eat lots of sweets, those rushes can be very severe. I have obviously let the sugar sneak back into my life again.

Being a junk food junkie and sugar addict, I need to remember that all processed food is not created equal, but they all do the same damage when it comes to my body. For me, the tell was the small sugar rush. It should have been huge if I was just eating sugar occasionally. I guess I need to cut back again. I need to keep away from the food with lots of calories and few nutrients.

When it comes right down to it, I need to remember that I am moving myself toward health. Which does mean I need to go away from bad foods. It also means I need to remember that I am a junk food junkie and sugar addict. I need to remember to just say no.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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