The Day After · 4 February 2013

The worst part about being a sugar addict is the day after. I dislike being dehydrated and having that dry mouth. I abhor the headache. Worst of all, I hate having no energy. When it comes down to it, I hate having a sugar hangover.

Whenever we binge on anything, we must deal with the results the day after. Whether it is overeating or binging on sweets, I know I will pay. With an upset or at least overfull stomach after overeating and at least some if not all of the day after symptoms after sugar binging. I did both yesterday while watching the big game with friends. And I am paying today.

The bad thing about sugar binging is that it is not just sugar that causes all the day of and day after effects. White bread, white rice, chips, and any highly processed foods count in the sugar category too. Anything with a high glycemic index and far from being a whole food fits in with sugar and is a dietary no no.

The good thing about eating mostly vegan (or somewhat close) is that I can binge a little now and then and just reset my system the next day. I can quickly recalibrate my body by eating wholesome plant food and drinking lots of water and everything is back to normal in no time. At least if I have not been indulging for too many days in a row.

I hate having no energy and having that dry mouth. And I abhor the headaches and lethargy that accompany sugar binging. Before I do it too often, I need to remember that the worst part of being a sugar addict is the day after.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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