Not Bragging · 5 February 2013

It might seem like I am bragging (so do not tell my wife to read this), but the worst part about losing weight is no padding.

I get a sore rear end whenever I sit down for too long. Even on a cushioned seat. I guess it is a good thing. It is my body saying I should just move around more. Be on my feet. After all, being busy is a good thing.

My wife would say that I am bragging, but that is only partially true. If I was truly bragging, I would say how losing weight means my clothes do not fit. Or that people notice and ask if I meant to lose weight. If I was bragging, I would say how easy it was to lose much more than the five pounds I originally intended to lose. And even if I was bragging, I would say how anybody can do it if I can.

It might seem like I am complaining about having no padding, but I am not. Nor am I truly bragging. Even if my wife will say I am.

Okay, maybe I am bragging a little bit.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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