Not Fair · 13 February 2013

According to my wife, it is just not fair that I am already over my cold. She said those words yesterday when it was apparent that most of the effects of my cold were gone. I suppose she is right, but I think it is a side effect of being healthy.

It sounds a bit odd to say that the goal of being healthy has the side effect of being healthy, but it is true. The healthier we are, the less effect viruses and such really have on us. Colds are shorter and less intense. Or at least it seems that way.

Even before I started this health experiment on myself, I hardly got sick. So I suppose I could claim some other factor as my health protector when it comes to the cold and flu. Still, when I did get sick, it usually knocked me for a loop. That is part of why I cannot help but think that being lighter and more fit has shortened my cold and kept me on my feet this time. I cannot help think that somehow health begets health.

In some ways it would be nice to know all the answers, but I suppose there ought to be some mysteries in life. From my perspective though, the more I stick to a whole food, plant-based eating plan, the less I get sick. Or at least the less sickness affects me. The cold that took the rest of my family out for almost a whole week only affected me for about three days.

Whether or not it is a cause and effect thing does not really matter. When it comes right down to it, I plan to do everything I can to stay healthy.

I suppose my wife is right. It is just not fair that I am already over my cold. But it is okay with me that I am.

© 2013 Michael T. Miyoshi

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